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Don’t Fall Prey to These 4 Common Forex Trading Mistakes


Any investor would tell you that Forex trading is one of the most convenient ways to earn money. With just a few hundred dollars, a computer, and a good Internet connection, you can already start trading and enjoy good returns even if you’re new to this arena. 

But like anything with money involved, Forex trading doesn’t always promise a quick profit. There’s also that huge risk for losses, especially if you keep committing these four common Forex trading mistakes:

Went in without doing any research.

Trading without learning the basics of Forex trading is like setting yourself up for failure. Even the best Forex traders always check on the news, the changes in the economy, and the shifts in the market to determine the risks and opportunities within a trading day. This may take time, but it’s a lot better than going into a trading day without doing any research. 

Not setting a stop-loss order.

As a trader, it’s important to always trade with caution to avoid huge losses and protect your investment. A stop-loss order will allow you to do just that by making sure that you get out of a trade if prices are against you by a specified amount. 

This strategy has been used by a lot of successful traders because it takes away a huge chunk of the risk involved in your investment. So, not taking advantage of a stop-loss order is a huge mistake that could cost you a lot. 

Trading without a plan.

A concrete trading plan could spell the difference between success and failure as a trader. If you’re new to trading, make sure that you set your rules first so that you’ll have something to guide you as you start investing your money. 

You should know when to enter a trade, how to calculate your risks, and when to walk away from a trade. Not having any trading plan is a surefire way to incur huge losses and even fail as a trader entirely.

Trading even if you’re losing.

Forex trading, just like any other investment, can be a huge gamble. But while you can’t control some situations that may come up in such a volatile market, you can always look out for two things to make the right decisions with your trade: win-rate and risk-reward ratio. A win rate is the percentage of the trades you won on a trading day, while your reward-risk ratio is a comparison of your wins versus your losses during an average trade.

Now, there are days when you’re going to lose more than win, and these numbers will tell you exactly that. If you see that you’re already losing a lot, walk away and trade on another day. You always need to be on your guard when it comes to Forex trading to ensure that you’re winning more than losing.

Of course, nothing beats having the right partner in your Forex trading journey. A trusted Forex broker has the right amount of experience in the industry and has a trading platform that can help you trade with ease.

Whether you’re new to trading or you’re looking to improve your gains, our team can help you achieve your goals as a Forex trader. Learn more tips and tricks from us here.

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