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Trading Secrets REVEALED
Learning to trade doesn’t have to cost you much money.

Sometimes, all you need is determination,
an open mind, and an ebook!

The only ebook you’ll ever need to achieve trading success.

As a trader, your goal is to maximise your earnings. To do that, it takes time, knowledge and experience to find something that works. But on your way to achieving your goals, you might lose sight of the basics, resulting in costly mistakes which could have been avoided.

When Traders FAIL. Why?
With our ebook, we offer you trading insights, strategies,and even tips
from one trader to another, all compiled in one place!

Get your head in the game

Attitude and mindset play a huge role in trading. Managing your expectations is just as important as managing your money. Learn the psychology of trading, and how to manage your expectations.

Knowledge in one place

Don’t spend hours looking through pages with conflicting information. We’ve put together and organised all the information you’ll need in When Traders FAIL. Why?

And you know what’s sweet?
VT Academy is here to support you every step of the way!


VT Academy is committed to providing trading education with its extensive library of
research, news, and insights collected by traders for traders. 

In addition to our ebook, you will also get to benefit along with other resources that
will help your boost your trading career from square one.


Community of Traders

Learn from the best in a Community of Traders
at VT Academy.

Information at Your Fingertips

Discover the latest trading strategies, market trends, news and research done by our skilled team.

Don’t get left behind

Don’t make the same rookie mistakes, and know that failure may actually be a part of the process. Learn from the errors of experienced traders, and by eliminating problems from the root, you can take steps towards the right direction.