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VT Markets “King of the Hill” Trading Contest Terms and Conditions

This promotion is valid from 01/05/2023 to 31/07/2023

The promotion is offered by VT Markets LLC (“the Company” or “VT Markets”) for the Company’s clients.

  1. VT Markets will offer this to new and existing clients at its discretion. If you are unsure about your participation eligibility, please contact [email protected]
  2. New clients are required to open a new live account with VT Markets (meaning, not a “demo” account) to participate in this promotion. By opening a new account with VT Markets, the client acknowledges that they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and VT Markets’ Terms and Conditions.
  3. To participate in this offer, you must:
    1. Have a VT Markets MetaTrader 4 live trading account with no trading history
    2. Deposit and maintain an account balance of at least US $500
    3. Register your participation interest via the VT Markets Client Portal
    4. By participating in this promotion, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the VTrade copy trading services provided by www.vtacademy.net
  4. To qualify for the prize, the winner must have:
    1. Placed at least 5 trades on the nominated trading account before the trading period ends
  5. There will be 5 winners for this offer. Winners will be determined by the Total Profit (including both closed trades and floating profit and loss) at the end of the promotion period.
  6. Winners of each participating country (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam) will receive prizes as illustrated in below table:
  7. Rank Prize
    1 US $2,000
    2 US $1,000
    3 US $500
    4 - 5 US $300 each

  8. VT Markets will not be responsible for any lost, late, incomplete, illegible, or misdirected entries.
  9. Fraudulent, multiple, or incorrectly completed applications will not be accepted.
  10. If the client is in breach of the VT Markets trading Terms in any way whatsoever the value of the Prize will be deducted from the client’s cash balance.
  11. VT Markets reserves the right to vary, alter, replace, or revoke or cancel the Promotion Terms at any time without prior notice. Changes to these Terms will be made available online and you are encouraged to check our website regularly.
  12. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms will be resolved by VT Markets in its sole discretion.
  13. VT Markets shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special, or consequential loss or loss of profits), cost, expense or damage which is suffered or sustained in connection (directly or indirectly) with the use of the Promotion.
  14. This program can be retracted at any time of VT Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.
  • The following conditions apply to all offers unless explicitly stated otherwise:
    1. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    2. All VT Markets offers are only available in accordance with applicable law.
    3. VT Markets offers are not designed to alter or modify an individual’s risk preference or encourage individuals to trade in a manner inconsistent with their trading strategies.
    4. Clients should ensure that they operate their trading account in a manner consistent with their trading comfort level.
    5. New Accounts are subject to approval as per VT Markets’ account opening procedure.
    6. Individuals who apply for an account must check their local laws and regulations before applying for an account with VT Markets.
    7. Clients are not allowed to use the credit bonus to hedge positions. VT Markets reserves the right to cancel a client’s eligibility to participate in any credit bonus offers, remove partial/all credit bonus from his/her trading account and partial/all profit generated by hedging positions without further notice.
    8. VT Markets reserves the right to decline any application or indication to participate in any promotion at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explain the reasons for such a decline.
    9. VT Markets reserves the right to exclude and/or cancel a client’s participation in its offers or promotions if: a) Churning (opening and closing of Margin FX or CFD transaction just for the benefit of earning a benefit); b) the client is found to be in violation of its Client Agreement or has breached the promotions terms and conditions. In case such misconduct or the breach, VT Markets shall have the right to deduct any bonus amounts from the trading account.
    10. VT Markets may at any time make changes to these terms and conditions and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on VT Markets website. You are advised to revise these Terms regularly and by your continued use of VT Markets website and services that you accept any such modified terms. VT Markets reserves the right to modify or cancel any offers at its sole discretion at any time.
    11. VT Markets may at any time, at its sole discretion, cease or discontinue any of its promotions.
    12. All VT Markets promotions only apply to VT Markets standard accounts unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    13. VT Markets will not be liable for any loss, costs, expense, or damage which may be suffered in connection with this offer and which by law may not be excluded by these Terms.
    14. If these terms and conditions are translated into a language other than English, then the English version of the terms shall prevail where there is any inconsistency.
    15. The provider of this offer is VT Markets LLC (SVG Limited Liability Company number 673LLC2020)

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